Rafa Nadal responds to the controversy in the Mallorca and Villarreal networks

Rafael Nadal was asked in Roland Garros for the controversy in which he has been indirectly involved by a tweet he made congratulating the Villarreal for the conquest of the Europa League. Someone recalled that he had not done the same for the rise of Mallorca, causing the ball to grow on social networks.

On the networks, that “it is radicalized and tense is a fact, for a long time, but in this case I am very sincere. I come from another era, I have not grown up with social networks, I find out because they tell me, I had no knowledge of it. Zero problem. Those who give their opinion on social networks have little responsibility, it is an open chat for everyone ”, explained Nadal.

He recalled that “my life is not directed to social networks, nor did I think about it, I celebrated it at that time. Things are more natural. I understand young people but I don’t connect. I saw Villarreal, which was exciting and I tweeted. It is simpler than all that. I’ve seen almost every game in the Majorca this season and Villarreal I think 4. I could have tweeted (Mallorca’s promotion), yes, I already know for next time. Everything else is out of place ”.

He does consider that “the media do have a responsibility and should have a sense of what news they create or stop creating. The problem is that they come to value things that make little sense and that happen on social networks, that they are a loudspeaker for many people, that for many things they have a positive meaning and for others, no.