Rafa Nadal resigns from the Miami Masters 1000

After announcing in previous weeks his resignations from the Rotterdam and Acapulco 500 tournaments and your non-participation in a Dubai 500 tournament which in principle was not foreseen in their plans, Rafa Nadal has announced this Tuesday that he will not attend the Miami Masters 1000 either which runs from March 24 to April 4, the first of this series of tournaments in 2021 after the cancellation of Indian Wells.

“I am sad to announce that I will not play in Miami, a city that I love. I need to fully recover to be ready for the clay court season in Europe”, Explained the Balearic on social networks. “I want to send a special message to my fans in the United States, especially for the Hispanic community, who always supports me a lot, ”said Nadal, who this week dropped third place in the ATP ranking from second after being overtaken by Daniil Medvedev.

The resignation, therefore, is due to his desire not to force his back after the problems that have been affecting him since the beginning of the year. Nadal He has only been able to play in this 2021 the Australian Open, in which he fell in the quarterfinals against Stefanos Tsitsipas, since those problems, in addition to the resignations from those two previous tournaments, also prevented him from playing the ATP Cup that opened the season.

The desire of the Spanish is not to force his physique more than necessary before the clay tour, usually the most prolific part of the season for him. Nadal defends his title last year in Roland Garros and the evolution of your complaints will dictate whether you can carry out your usual previous schedule with Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Rome.