Rafa Nadal publicly criticizes Djokovic for the creation of a new union

There was a ‘stick’ of Rafa Nadal to Novak DjokovicAlthough not because of his disqualification at the US Open for hitting a linesman, but because of how he has created a new union (association according to the Serbian) of players outside the ATP.

On the action that cost the world number one elimination in the eighth of Flushing Meadows, Nadal pointed out that “it was unfortunate but the rule says it is disqualification. I’m sorry for him, he missed an opportunity, but you shouldn’t do that. It’s important to stay in control on the track. He didn’t want to hit anyone, sure, but he was out of luck. “

It was unfortunate but the rule says it’s disqualification. It is important to stay in control

Yes, Nadal openly criticized Djokovic for the association that was born in the United States, between the tournaments of Cincinnati and US Open. “There are several things that in my understanding are not adequate. We are living a time of world crisis in every sense. The first health but due to economic derivation, we are all having a bad time. It is a time to be more together than ever, not for each one to look out for their own interests ”, Rafa opened.

“The initiative is totally respectable, nothing to object to. Everyone can have their ideas and fight for them. In this life we ​​all want to go more, I the first, that if I can do something to try to make the circuit better, here I am. I have tried for many years of my career, I have fought a lot for the rights of the players, the welfare. Simply, I think that first many things have to be clarified and second, the way to do it ”, added Nadal.

Being on the council, neither Federer nor I have to find out through a letter

He did not like the performance of who was president of the ATP Players Council, Novak Djokovic, and one of its most active members, the Canadian Vasek Pospisil. They shared meetings with, among others, Rafa Nadal himself and Roger Federer.

Rafa Nadal: “It is a moment to be more together than ever, not that each one looks after their interests”

“Being on the council, neither Federer nor I have to find out through a letter. If they want us to be supporting that, the normal thing is that we know things in advance. Afterwards, it is not for me, I do believe in the structure of the ATP, with nuances because there are things that can be improved, ”Nadal analyzed.

He concluded that when a project begins it should be “more professionalized. I understand some players’ discontent, but there are many unanswered questions of what has been tried to ride. It is not the moment and even in another situation there are many things that are not clear, ”Nadal stressed.