Rafa Nadal, on the treadmill: Don’t try it at home!

Rafael Nadal faces its tenth presence in the London ATP Finals willing to exhaust any chance he has to win a Masters that is not on his record. The only weighty crown in tennis that he has not yet been able to conquer.

Methodical at work, he hadn’t come out yet Dominic Thiem of the track, after having beaten Stefanos Tsitsipas by 7-6 (5), 4-6 and 6-3, that Rafa Nadal was already entering the O2 headquarters to do the training prior to his duel of the night with the Russian Andrey Rublev.

The tournament is held behind closed doors, there are hardly any people who have access to the facility, only strictly those who allow the event to work. Among them, those who spread the images internationally.

Tennis TV entered a work session with Rafa Nadal prior to his access to the court to do the work with the racket. The Balearic, 34 years old and world No. 2, exercises on a treadmill, under the watchful eye of his physiotherapist, Rafa Maymo, its shadow throughout the campaign.

Nadal runs to the front, but he also turns and runs backwards. Complicate it a bit more by taking one foot off the belt and keeping the other.

Suddenly he turns on his side. It also glides like it does on a court. Simulate various movements to warm up before executing them on the court.

People hallucinate with Rafa Nadal. He stays on his feet, but just in case maybe it’s best not to try it at home, unless you’re already at an advanced level of treadmill. Although what the manacorí does would be cause for notice in a gym.

Every detail counts. And Nadal does not neglect anything that is in his hands.