Rafa Nadal: ‘My best game, without a doubt’

“My best match in the tournament, without a doubt. I have done many positive things. I have taken steps forward in many ways “, he said satisfied Rafael Nadal after the victory over the Italian Stefano Travaglia by 6-1, 6-4 and 6-0.

And he recalled that the rival “is a good player on clay, that he had been getting results and competing well”, although the king of the earth erased him from the center, indoors, in the first match of the twelve-time champion in ‘indoor’ at Roland Garros, which has premiered this technological facility in this autumn edition.

“There is no wind, the sound is a little different but the ceiling is very high, you don’t notice that it is indoor like in the usual indoor ATP tournaments, or the Magic Box from Madrid. Air enters from the sides, it is a different sensation than a normal indoor. It was cold but not dramatic like other days outside. The sensations have been good indoors ”, indicates the manacorí.

Play indoors? It is a matter of applying pure and simple logic

Remember that “with the roof uncovered it has worked incredibly well for me. With the results I have had in this tournament, the least you want is to change things. But if the conditions are not good, it is raining, it’s cold and the balls are going to get muddy, I prefer closed, like everyone else. It is a matter of applying pure logic. Before starting, the supervisor told me that now it doesn’t rain but it normally does, we keep the roof closed. Well, perfect, it is a matter of logic and the ceilings are also for something, to favor the spectacle of the player and the spectator ”.

In the next round, a young rival, the American Sebastian Korda, 20 years old and No. 213 in the world. Son of the 1998 Australian Open champion and 1992 Roland Garros finalist. “I know his father and I know who he was. I was a child but I saw it on television “

It’s flattering if you take me as a positive inspiration, as a source of motivation

Sebastian Korda points out that he is an absolute idol of Rafa Nadal, who partly plays tennis for him. He adores him so much that his cat is named Rafa in his honor. “It’s flattering if you take me as a positive inspiration, as a source of motivation. I know he has enormous potential and is playing at a good level, with a good future ahead of him. Young people have that extra of having days of higher potential than their ranking says because they are in the process of continuous progression. I must continue on this path, which is quite adequate ”.

On how he is seeing other favorites, Nadal comments that “I try to make my way and my rival right now is Korda. It is clear that the a priori candidates continue to win and the positive, that I too. You will always have one or the other who is playing very well in the advanced rounds. It is a daily issue, what comes will come ”.