Rafa Nadal loses gas in the top-6 of Cto. Balearic golf

Rafael Nadal lost gas on the second day of the 2021 Professional Balearic Championship. After scoring 74 strokes, two under par from the field, on Saturday, he concluded on Sunday with a distance of 77 (+5), for a total of 151 ( +7).

He is sixth tied in the general classification, one day from the conclusion. The problem is that it was only two hits from the leadership, but now it is already 9 because it has been installed in the head Sebastian Garcia Grout after doing a 68 (-4).

An anecdote, however, for Nadal. Always competitive, also playing Parcheesi, but which has its priority on the tennis courts. The resignation to Wimbledon allowed him to be on the field of They are Antem, but continue the training plan opened this week thinking about the American hard court tour: Toronto, Cincinnati and US Open, the main course in late August and early September.