Rafa Nadal: ‘If you expected Evans to beat Djokovic? Neither me nor anyone ‘

Rafael Nadal It did not take long for him to appear before the media after beating Grigor Dimitrov in 56 minutes, 6-1 and 6-1. While Roberto Bautista and Andrey Rublev looking in the rain for a place in the quarterfinals against the eleven-time champion of the Monte Carlo ATP Masters 1000, he analyzes his situation and that of Novak Djokovic, the great victim of the round of 16 at the hands of the British Dan Evans.

“I saw a few points from the game. Evans is an intelligent player, who knows how to control game times very well. He reads the game very well, uses the cut very well, knows how to climb the net, manage the rhythm. Now, if you ask me if I expected him to beat Djokovic Neither I nor almost anyone, ”says Nadal.

And remember that “both Djokovic and Federer, Like myself, the fact that for so many years we have practically not failed, any surprise seems something very special, but the reality in tennis history is that this happens continuously. or others. You have to accept it, the rivals also want to win ”.

Nothing else, as Rafa emphasizes, “I am not the one who has to look for explanations for Novak’s defeat. I was preparing my game, focused on my thing. It’s sport, every week only one wins, the rest of the team lose ”.

He quickly resolved a duel “strange because Dimitrov failed more than usual. I felt a little sorry for him since he is a good friend. There was no rhythm, he played so aggressive that he failed ”.

He downplayed the wind. “It did, but it was tolerable. In the semis that I lost with Fognini here or at Federer’s at Roland Garros, that was real wind. Today, wind. Yes, the temperature was lower than we would like, especially me. One of the graces of our sport is the changing conditions, especially on clay. You have to be prepared to accept things that are coming ”.

In training I was demanded and I responded well. I hope to be ready against one of the best

Nadal barely competed, before Delbonis or Dimitrov, but consider that “despite not being demanded, I was in training and I responded well. The preparation was good. I feel good and I hope to be ready to compete at the level I need tomorrow against one of the best in the world, be it one or the other ”. Bautista or Rublev, in the last clash of the day on Friday.