Rafa Nadal gathers 1,400 people in a BancSabadell event in Vigo

Rafa Nadal assured during his speech at the “Future Dialogues with Rafa Nadal” colloquium, organized by BancSabadell, that his intention is to participate in both the new Davis Cup and the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Nadal, who was interrupted several times Sometimes due to the applause of the public that packed the Mar de Vigo Auditorium, he participated in an act in which more than 1,400 people were present. The Sabadell ambassador spoke “of the importance of accompaniment on the road to success, in meeting clients”.

Rafa Nadal intervenes in a BancSabadell event in Vigo

Nadal showed his desire to be in the next Olympic event: “I missed the London Games due to knee problems but I was able to enjoy those in Beijing and Rio. And I know that those in Tokyo are going to be spectacular, so I’ll try to be there ”. The Balearic tennis player acknowledged that he was not “prepared” to face the final of the Australian Open that he lost against Djokovic because it required “more physical”, to which, he said, he did not arrive at his best due to injuries, that is why he did not go out ” satisfied ”with its performance.