Rafa Nadal explains why he decided to train half an hour after the match

Rafael Nadal he did not have such a bad time against the british Cameron norrie as in front of Ilya Ivashka and Kei Nishikori. He resolved his pass to the semifinals in two sets, 6-1 and 6-4 in an hour and a half of the game.

He acknowledged improvement, although there is much more room for progress in the coming days starting with Saturday’s appointment well with the Asturian. Pablo Carreño the Argentinian Diego schwarzman.

“Cameron will make you feel uncomfortable on court. It is difficult to play well against him. For me it is a positive victory. At times I have played at a good level and at others I have been able to do better. I played the first set well, I dropped a bit in the second set, ”says the 34-year-old Balearic and world No. 3.

“I am in the semifinals. I have been able to get to this round for the first time this year. It is time to continue improving to have my chances tomorrow against a tough rival, “he said, referring to the quarterfinal losses of the Australian Open and Monte Carlo, against Stefanos Tsitsipas and Andrey Rublev, respectively.

I am not a person who takes daily exams

He doesn’t want every game to be an exam, he gives himself time. “Three games in a row won is a positive thing. To be in the semifinals is to advance. I am not a person who takes daily exams. I am aware that I come from a time without competing too much, I value the positive things that are being done ”.

Bypassing the locker room, he left the Rafa Nadal court to train half an hour in the Track 12. He explained the reason for this decision: “To loosen up the body a bit. The game was shorter and it is a process of daily improvement to try to find the level we want as soon as possible. I think that after a good first set, the second was a bit more messy and complicated. It felt good to hit some balls to sun my arm, to go home more easily ”.

Always keeping in mind the medium term, not just immediacy

And he also pointed out that he wanted to “prop up a series of things that are useful after the games. It is neither the first time nor the five, it is another many times. Looking for the things that help me be a little better tomorrow. Always keeping in mind the medium term, not just immediacy ”.