Rafa Nadal: ‘A deadly cocktail: I played badly against a great tennis player’

The return to the circuit Rafael Nadal he concluded in the quarterfinals of the ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo. Out of competition since the Australian Open in February, in his third game of the comeback he succumbed to the Russian Andrey Rublev by 6-2, 4-6 and 6-2.

Exceptional the Muscovite, 23 years old and world No. 8. The Spaniard, 34 years old and No. 3, tried but couldn’t. His own filming was lacking and also inspiration from others. He will not increase his account to eleven crowns in Monaco, he will try to reach a dozen next week in the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell-Conde de Godó Trophy.

The serve, a serious problem: “Against a great player like him if you don’t play well, you lose. For some reason I had problems with my serve. One of those days when it’s a disaster. And create impact on the rest of your game. It does not let you prepare the point well. He deserved the victory much more than me, he played aggressive and well. I wish him well”.

Tomorrow I travel and continue working in Barcelona to improve

To continue improving in Barcelona: “I have missed a good opportunity to start the clay well. Tomorrow I travel and continue training in Barcelona. I also made a lot of mistakes today with the backhand. Are a lot of things”.

Day to forget: A deadly cocktail, which I have played badly against a great tennis player. When that happens what you have to do is lose. I worry about what I have to worry about. It is a defeat that is not positive and it is a game that I have not played well. On the contrary, a bad day after training very well. It is not that it is the product of bad preparation or feelings. It is a combination of circumstances that have made me unable to do so today. Make it an isolated match and I can compete at my high level in Barcelona. I think I’m close. To improve, there is no other. A very important month is coming and I know what my goals are. A day to forget and I hope not to repeat it ”.

I have served fatal, the conditions were heavier and with the reverse I did not have confidence

What has failed. “One, take out normal. Not good, normal. You can not get fatal. I am pending of the service, of having to put it. Today it has worked fatal, I do not think it is difficult to fix it. I’m going to work the service a little every day so that it doesn’t happen again. Then the conditions were heavier than usual. With more living conditions, better for me. And the third, with the backhand he was not confident to open the track. He was waiting for me calmly with the parallel. As a basic principle, I have not played well ”.

I felt ready to win this tournament

Lack of filming ?: “I don’t think you have to look for an excuse in this. I felt prepared to win this tournament. I have to say it with my heart in my hand. I have played badly and the other one has played well. You have to be capable of self-criticism, I have had it in my career and that is why things have gone well. Improve what I have done wrong ”.

There are many slaps that you take during the game

Unfinished comeback: “I have not run out of gas. The three sets I have started break down. There are many slaps that you take away during the game because I served badly and I did not hurt. It is not necessary to dramatize, today I have not been able but I hope to be from next week. I’m going to fight for it. I have fought, I have fought, I have encouraged myself but it was not the day ”.