Rafa Mora uncovers Alejandra Rubio’s game and splashes Terelu and Belén Esteban

Quite a while Rafa Mora affirmed that Alejandra Rubio intended to work on television. At that time, the Campos family denied that Terelu’s daughter was going to participate in any small screen program. Since then the collaborator’s relationship with the family of María Teresa Campos has been somewhat tense and in the interview that he gave exclusively to our magazine, he did not hesitate to talk about the subject and to uncover what he considers Alejandra’s game. “When I said that Alejandra recognized me that I wanted to work on television, they hit me as high as the palate. I did not lie”, he assures, referring to the fact that finally the granddaughter of María Teresa has ended up working as a collaborator in different programs.

Although Terelu denied the eldest at the time, Rafa assures that his partner “She knew very well the steps her daughter was going to follow, but she never approved.” The collaborator affirms that “behind the camera, Alejandra liked to be friends with Chabelita, with Oriana… He was a fan, he liked show business but in front of the gallery he denied it ”. According to Rafa, the young woman did not want to admit that she liked television “because of what they will say and what her mother would think.” He considers that “For the Campos, leaving school and doing television was like missing it.”

Rafa Mora


Rafa has gone further and has also talked about Belén Esteban. When asked if she thinks that when Paracuellos’ says that her daughter is the only one in the environment ‘Save me’ that is not in the media, Terelu is affected, he is clear that it is. “We all know that he said it for Alejandra,” Rafa thinks about Belén. He is also convinced that “Terelu tells him everything, but he will not have never enough courage to tell him what the hell are you saying? ” The Valencian was in charge of revealing that Alejandra Rubio had something with Suso, something that he now regrets “Because all his life he will deny it. He told me it was a lie, but I know it wasn’t ”.

Rafa Mora

On the young Rafa he has gone further and revealed something he said about Lydia Lozano: “I got along well with her and when Lydia Lozano told that she left her boyfriend, Lobo, I asked her if it was true.” According to Macarena Millán Alejandre’s boyfriend told her that “That shitty old woman has no idea about anything, you know how she is, she’s always wrong, it’s all a lie.” Something that is very reminiscent of what Miguel Frigenti said about how Terelu’s daughter had referred to Lydia on a birthday. “The first time Alejandra talks about her concept of Lydia Lozano, she tells me about it, I got along well with her and I covered it up. When it comes out a week that It was true that he broke up with Lobo, he looked stupid … I decided not to cover her up anymore, she is a very liar ”, she said about María Teresa’s granddaughter.