Rafa Mora strips naked in ‘Save me’ in a dance as a stripper

Fani carbajo and Christofer Guzman they will say ‘yes, I want’ next time August 28. Although it seemed that their relationship had come to an end after passing through ‘The island of temptations‘The couple finally moved on and now they are getting married. However, this Thursday in ‘Save me‘The television was very disappointed and experienced what may have been his worst day on the show.

And it is that a friend of Fani leaked a photograph of her wedding dress that fell into the hands of ‘Save me’ but, in addition, Kiko Hernandez set a trap for the former survivor into which she fell squarely, unknowingly confirming that the snapshot was indeed her wedding dress. And there is still more: the program He had no qualms about showing the image live and therefore ruining the biggest surprise of any wedding.

It was a friend that I taught it to. I’m hurt because it’s my day and I wanted it to be all special. I have already told Christofer to turn off the TV so that neither he nor the child can see it”, Said a destroyed Fani on set. “I do not understand this. Let us be left alone now ”, he added. Christofer also went live and, through tears, he was tired of the situation that the couple has been dragging on for months. “We are having a hard time, we fight against the current. She is anxious … It’s not easy”Said the young man by phone.

Fani collapses during the program ‘Save me’ due to the betrayal suffered.

Amid Fani’s disgust, the show prepares a bachelorette party for her

As well. In the midst of all this situation, the program had another surprise for Fani that perhaps at another time would have been funny but, in this case, it left the young woman a little ‘shocked’: a kind of live bachelorette party with a stripper included. And who was that stripper? Rafa Mora.

The collaborator of ‘Save me’ descended the stairs to the rhythm of the music, with disco-style lighting and then climbed into a platform placed in the middle of the set and in front of Fani and the rest of the collaborators. Once in the center, the collaborator He began by removing his shirt with a suggestive dance. And after removing the belt, showed her ass to girlfriend live. Of course: without the camera showing it to the audience.

Rafa Mora strips naked in 'Save me' in a dance as a stripper.
Rafa Mora strips naked in ‘Save me’ in a dance as a stripper.