Rafa Mir gains strength … if Griezmann does not arrive

Rafa mir returns to the scene in the Atlético de Madrid. And we say come back because his name has been on the agenda of the rojibanca sports management for a long time. In April, this newspaper already reported that the mattress club was thinking of the Murcian forward as an option for the future, given his progression.

Last week, the attacker was again linked to Atlético and now, Brand ensures that Mir is the plan B of the Madrid club in case the trick with him fails FC Barcelona Come in Saul Y Griezmann which, at the moment is the first option for the entity.

As we have been relating, Atlético is not in a hurry nor is there a ‘need’ to go for it Griezmann
, but the operation that was presented was understood that it could be beneficial for all parties and, above all, had the approval of Diego Simeone, that he would be delighted to have the French at his command again.

Barcelona wants the Frenchman to leave the club to lighten the salary mass. In case of leaving Barcelona, ​​the player prefers to return to Atlético, from where Saul He has been contemplating going out for months. It is there where the opportunity arose, but everything happens through the decision of Barcelona.

If it were not carried out, this would not pose any drama for the rojiblancos, who have been managing alternatives for a long time. And one that is in a prominent place is that of Rafa mir. The 24-year-old from Murcia played for Huesca last season, where he scored 16 goals thanks to a good second round. But it belongs to Wolverhampton, with which he has a contract for one more course, until 2022. Its price is around 20 million euros, although given the conditions, Atlético would try to reduce that amount … as long as the Griezmann.


That is, if he does not renew, the English club will be “forced” to transfer him now, being a good option for Atlético, where he likes this footballer who is now concentrated with the Spanish team preparing for the Tokyo Olympics.

“There is a lot of talk about this market of equipment and options that are there on the table, but we must have respect for the club to which I belong, which are Wolves, because I have one more year of contract there and we will see what happens during these weeks “, the Murcian recently assured in Radio Brand.