Radical change of ‘look’ of Marta López after her signing for ‘Survivors’

Just a few hours ago the news was made public that Marta Lopez will head to Honduras to participate in ‘Survivors 2021’Next April. However, before starting the trip, the television collaborator has surprised with a radical change of ‘look’.

“Blessed is the person who finds and is not afraid of my fears of my scars and my emotional disorder …”, he wrote along with a selection of captures in which he shows his thousands of ‘followers’ his new hairstyle.

“Your emotional disorder gives me life. You look prettier than a brunette, ”his partner told him. Rachel Lozano in the comments section of the ‘post’ of Marta Lopez. “Cannon”, he added Elsa anka.

In ‘Survivors’ Marta Lopez will meet again with Alexia rivas, who starred a year ago in one of the biggest television scandals in times of confinement together with Alfonso Merlos.

In addition to having to live with the reporter, the former contestant of ‘Big Brother’Will coincide in Honduras with Sylvia Pantoja, cousin of Isabel Pantoja, the dancer Antonio Canales placeholder image, businessman Tom Brusse, the chef Carlos Alba and the fashion designer Olga Moreno, known for being a woman of Antonio David.