R Ashwin hits back at pitch critics: ‘Who defines what a good surface is?’


“I find it heinous where you have a thought process and you want everyone to follow that and think that”

R Ashwin has expressed strong reservations about narratives built around how India are winning because of pitches being tailored to suit their strengths. He refuses to “buy what’s being sold” and wants fans to use better judgment to decide for themselves if that is really the case.

Ashwin caused a social-media storm on Friday evening when he put out a series of tweets, seemingly upset at how “things were being shoved down our throats”. He quickly clarified later that he meant “only cricket” and explained his thoughts on why India needed to be given more credit for winning the Ahmedabad Test instead of being told ‘they won because the pitch aided them’.

“Thoughts being put across and planted to people is really hilarious and I find it heinous to a point, where you have a thought process and you want everyone to follow that and think that and condition it,” Ashwin said during a virtual media interaction. “With thoughts what happens is, you condition people into believing in a certain way, so you watch a match, you watch India win the game and at most, everyone’s saying ‘I’m happy India won.’

“You don’t want people to go back home and say, ‘India is not winning the game, it’s the pitch that’s winning game’. That’s not what I want people to do. Anyway, I know that’s going to come up, this kind of conditioning has been happening, it has happened for a long time. It’s important people sell things, but we must know what we must buy.”

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