Quico Catalán: ‘It is a mistake to think that the Super League is necessary’

Quico Catalán, president of Levante, said that “the approach” of the Super League “is very confused”, because all clubs need each other and “all together make the football product.”

“To propose that the solution is for the twelve most powerful to play, under their criteria; and that we wait for the consequences of that product working has no future, “he said this Thursday after the unanimous rejection shown by 39 clubs The league to the initiative.

All of them participated in a meeting called by LaLiga, to which they were not invited Atlético de Madrid, Real Madrid and Barcelona, who were part of the twelve founders of the project announced four days ago and later diluted by the resignation of the six English teams, the three Italians and the rojiblanco club.

“The essence of football is to live and enjoy that day. It confuses and leads us to a situation in which we are not allowed to value all that potential and that day-to-day work. There are very defined models, you can reconfigure what is established, improve, it is our obligation, but invent something outside the ecosystem of football I think they are wrong, “he said.

For Catalan “it is a mistake to think that the Super League is necessary.” “We have lived and will continue to live without that competition and football has grown.” “In Spain we have reached a greater balance between income and expenses and it is fundamental ”, he added.