Quarrel between Jorge Javier and María Patiño over the Rocío Carrasco case: ‘But what are you doing?’

Rocío Carrasco case
it is teasing the spirits in Telecinco. The vehemence of some house workers when defending their positions sometimes leads to situations such as the one experienced this Wednesday on the set of ‘Save me’, when Jorge Javier Vázquez and María Patiño had them live.

The collaborator questioned the few doubts that most of her colleagues had about Rocío Carrasco’s version.

“In the documentation that I have had access, some data may be missing. That phrase from the driver [’Papá, ya lo he hecho’], in the documentation that I have read, there is no […] and Rocío Carrasco said that the driver declared that. I have gone crazy [para dar con esa afirmación]. I do need it, you don’t. Maybe you really believe Rocío Carrasco and I have my doubts”He assured, some words that bothered Jorge Javier a lot.

Listen to me one thing, why do you put us in that position? It seems disrespectful to me, but what are you doing? That you are the only one who questions everything you see, or what?“, Replied the presenter visibly angry.

Are none of us here [ponemos cosas en cuestión]? María, I’m going to tell you something, this story is from Rocío, not yours”, JJ reproached him, who accused his partner of not valuing the work of the rest.

Do you realize what you are doing? You are ruining the work of all your colleagues. You are the only one who is questioning everything you see”He concluded.

Luckily, the thing was there and the program continued its course without major problems.