Quarantine in the UK should not (in principle) affect the Spanish GP

He UK agreed to impose a 14-day “quarantine” on all travelers from Spain, according to a Scottish government spokesman. He explained that the measure has been agreed with the delegated administrations of Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the United Kingdom, “due to the increase in cases of coronavirus in recent days.”

The measure went into effect midnight Saturday through Sunday. At the moment it should not affect the F1 Spanish GP, scheduled for mid-August, despite the fact that most of the teams’ personnel reside in Great Britain. It must be said that F1 was already classified as an ‘exception’ weeks ago by the British Ministry of Culture and Sport, along with international soccer, golf and cricket.

The ‘bubble’ that Liberty has created around the members of the teams that travel to the circuits is considered a sufficient prevention measure. Remember that F1 members must pass several PCR tests the week of the GP, both before and after the event.

The problem could exist if France closes the border with Catalonia, as is assured in the neighboring country that President Macron is weighing, although for the time being ‘only’ it is recommended that he not travel to that autonomous community. A recommendation also made by the Governments of Norway and Belgium.