Qatar offers to vaccinate the MotoGP paddock

The State of Qatar and MotoGP️ have just announced that they are partnering to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to all members of the MotoGP️ family coming to Doha for the first two Grand Prix to be held on Qatari soil. It is an offer similar to the one that the state of Bahrain has made with the Formula One paddock and to which the teams are welcoming.

According to the statement, “the State of Qatar has significantly increased its vaccination program against COVID-19 in 2021, and as a result of this progress, it can offer all members of the MotoGP️ Paddock traveling access to the vaccine.”

This season, Qatar hosts all the pre-season training sessions of all the Championship categories, as well as the first two Grand Prix, and the whole MotoGP️ family will be present in Qatar for a maximum of five weeks.

“To ensure the health and safety of the entire circuit while they are in Qatar and on their continued travels around the world this season, the Government of the State of Qatar has offered MotoGP️ access to COVID-19 vaccines. All members of the Championship, including those who work and travel within the MotoGP️ paddock, will have the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19 ”.

“The vaccination program is aimed at increasing the personal safety of everyone on the scene. It will offer greater protection to those in the MotoG️P paddock and to all those who come into contact with it as the sport travels the world this season, ”they explain.

Asked Pol Espargaró about it, he explained that “I have no information and I don’t know if the team will accept. I think it is a licit contract between two companies, the government of Qatar and Dorna to protect and we will see if we are part of this “

“Obviously we live in a world where ethics must prevail above all else and that is not the case, we are suffering from it in many countries where vaccines do not arrive and are sold to the highest bidder. Let’s see if they do things more intelligently and we can have the vaccine for their workers because Dorna will be protecting their workers “