Qatar, last chance for Belgium’s golden generation

The best generation of Belgium is about to run out. The disappointment of falling in the quarterfinals of the Euro 2020 against Italy leaves the red devils and their stars with the Qatar World Cup 2022 as a great objective to crown a unique team, the best in the history of the country, but which has been unable to achieve any title.

It is strange to understand that the Belgian team, number one in the FIFA ranking, is in such a situation. But there is nothing to do. This Eurocup was the golden opportunity to be champion, with the mature team full of experience, But those of Roberto Martínez have failed again and there is no more margin if this generation wants to make history for their country.

Looking at the ID of Belgium, the squad that was once a promise in the making has been, at this Euro, the biggest of all, which indicates how time has passed. Without going any further, the three defensive pillars, Alderweireld (32), Vertonghen (34) and Vermaelen (35), They are living their last games with the Red Devils, and the worrying thing is that there are no hints that there are substitutes for guarantees, so that an entire line will suffer a tremendous downturn in the near future.

But are not the only ones. The two greatest figures, EDen Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne are 30 years old, so they would reach the next Eurocup, 2024, in the twilight of their international career, as well as Axel witsel, a pillar of the midfield, who is 32 years old today. In fact, from the eleven against Italy, only Jeremy doku, who left a very good impression but entered through the injured Hazard, is very far from the rest as he is only 19 years old, as Tielemans, with 24. The rest of the holders do not have 30, but they touch them. Meunier will do them this September and Courtois just turned 29, while Lukaku Y Thorgan Hazard They are at 28.

The truth is that Belgium has always been more of an expectation than a reality. The closest this generation has come to achieving a title was at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in which they finished third, achieving their best all-time record. In the 2014 World Cup and in the 2016 and 2020 Euro Cups, Hazard, De Bruyne and company did not pass the quarters, a disappointing record seeing the unrepeatable names of a team that should have done something more.