Puig says that it is in the hands of Marc Márquez to return to his maximum

While Marc Márquez He continues with the recovery of his right arm, on the road very well but still does not allow him to force himself in the face of the pre-season tests that are going to be held in full at the Losail circuit on March 6 and 7 and from March 10 to 12 March, his team manager at Repsol Honda Alberto Puig, who has been very much on top of his rider and knows from his own experience what it is like to recover from serious injuries as a rider, he has no doubt that we will see champion Marc Márquez again.

“I think that all drivers have a moment in their life when they have a great injury. Marc had a big injury last year, not so big but very long in time. This kept him from racing for a long time, but you cannot change who you are, he is a true champion and a very mature driver ”, analyzes Puig.

“Regarding the question of whether we will see a new Marc Márquez, I don’t have a clear answer. All I know is that you will find a way to continue being Marc Márquez and this can only be done by yourself. Of course, the team will help you, we will support you as always 100% but what we expect, what we expect, what we think, is nothing. The important thing is what he expects of himself and what he thinks he must do to regain all the potential he had before the injury ”, explains the Repsol Honda team manager.

Motorcycling. GP de Catalunya motorcycling. Alberto Puig talks to Marc Márquez before the start of the MotoGP race.

About Honda’s expectations “are always that we try to do our best, which means trying to win the title or whatever we can win. This has been the DNA of this company and this brand for many years in racing. Our duty, our goal, is to try to achieve it. We understand that we have competitors who also always want to do the same, but as a starting point, our goal is to get the title and improve our bikes and be stronger every day in our work “

From 2020 they learned that “the situation was very complicated but not only for us, for the entire GP community. We had this problem with this pandemic that changed our lives in the way we act here, but also for the Repsol Honda Team it was a very, very bad start to the season because we lost our best rider, our champion. We had to react to that and usually when you have a problem in life, originally, it is a problem but I think smart people change a problem into an opportunity to learn. We believe and want to think that we have been learning all year and we will show this learning in the future. This is our goal ”.

And from his commitment to Pol Espargaró he waits “I can bring results to the team, this is the reason, the objective, when you hire a driver. It is true that he has experience in the past, a good experience, he is not a child and his goal will also be to fight with all the riders and also against Marc because he is like a benchmark, let’s say. We hope you can understand our bike soon and we expect a great level of competition within the team because this is what really keeps a team alive. When you have a good level of competition within your team, the level grows within your team. So we hope for this, of course we hope you like our team and our bike and we look forward to you and we will try to give you our best equipment and our best bikes so that you can show your potential.