Puado: ‘Mingueza’s expulsion is totally unfair’

Javi puado, Spanish U21 player, regretted the kind of tough game he proposed Italy (0-0) and analyzed the expulsion of Oscar Mingueza at m.87 for an alleged attack on Rovela that, given the images, it was not like that and that he classified as “totally unfair”.

“We knew they were going to have a game of this caliber and get into these kinds of situations. When they didn’t have the ball, they tried to play this kind of game. We have run the game in a very good way despite the expulsion, which is totally unfair and we hope it will be available on Tuesday, “he told EFE after the game.

“We were many players in the middle. The Italian player has gone to demand something from our player and Oscar went to defend him. He did not make any kind of aggression, the referee, to compensate, perhaps, has taken Oscar’s card. I have not seen anything on the field, “he continued.

“In the end they were focused on trying to get us out of the game instead of winning. But we knew what was going to happen and that they were going to use this type of situation when they did not feel comfortable. We have handled it in the best possible way, regardless of your type of game. We had opportunities, we were better than them, but the goal and the victory could not arrive ”, analyzed the forward.

A Handful that he was named best ‘MVP’ player of the match against Italy: “We wanted victory, which was the most important thing. But I have felt comfortable and happy for my game. Although it is a shame because the victory would have classified us. It was a complicated game and they closed a lot with the defense of five and the centers have solved very well. We have tried in every way, he has not been able to enter, but hopefully against the Czech Republic we can go to the quarterfinals ”, he concluded.

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