ProLiga challenges before the CSD the requirements for teams in the RFEF categories

The competition rules of the new categories 1st, 2nd and 3rd RFEF, which come to be the third, fourth and fifth level of Spanish football, they do not like ProLiga. So much so, that said body announced this Thursday that it has challenged them before the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

According ProLiga, the competition rules established for the aforementioned categories contemplate “practically impossible conditions for the majority of non-professional clubs”, a circumstance that could lead to “many clubs do not compete for promotion or may even want to lose the category in order to be viable”.

Among the requirements to which it opposes ProLiga they find each other:

– Natural grass (when there are many municipal fields)

– Professional lighting conditions

– Capacity (up to 3,000 spectators in Second RFEF and 4,000 in First RFEF with perimeter stands)

– Minimum budgets (up to 80,000 euros in Third, 400,000 euros in Second and 1,500,000 euros in First RFEF)

– Minimum wages, without any negotiation with the clubs

– Guarantees

– Mandatory advertising

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) noted that failure to comply with these requirements could lead to expulsion from the competition and that is why ProLiga has challenged the rules before the CSD understanding that some teams are not trained to fulfill them.