Premonitory cry of Simeone before the 0-1 … to which nobody paid attention

The Atlético de Madrid said goodbye to the Champions League, again below the Chelsea. Diego Simeone did not put buts to the result of the eliminatory, after the crash.

“You have to congratulate the rival when he is superior,” valued the coach, who reviewed that his team tried high pressure on his rival, but without success. “We could not attack as we would have liked,” admitted the coach, who found no solutions to what was happening on the field, in either game.

And is that the Cholo he smelled what was coming to the team. The Argentine coach saw the action that was going to end in a goal from the first moment in which the play was created.

The counterattack that was 1-0, which started from a center to the area of Kieran
Trippier, made a difference. Drove it Kai havertz, sped it up Scam
Werner and finished it Hakim
Ziyech a pass from the German attacker.

Simeone wanted his players to stop Havertz but no one did.

We already say that since Trippier the center failed, Cholo understood the danger of the counter. So when Havertz began the race, still in his field, towards the goal of Oblak , Simeone He asked his people to stop it as it was.

“Give it, give it, cut it, cut it!” The mattress coach scoffed in vain so that Trippier, who was the closest to the German, grabbed him or threw him, to make him do one of those tactical fouls that usually stop clear occasions.

The Englishman couldn’t do it and Havertz He pulled power to deliver a deadly pass to a Werner that attacks with spaces, like few others. The former player of the Leipzig was planted in a jiffy in the red and white area and put it so that Ziyech mark at will.