Praise: ‘Madrid were the first on my list’

David Alaba he is already a player of the Real Madrid for all purposes after the white club made his signing official after ending his contract with him Bayern Munich. The Austrian player, who signed until 2026, gave an interview to the German newspaper Bild to assess his incorporation to the white club. +

“The Real Madrid I was the first on the list ”, he confessed about his preferences when he began to receive offers after knowing that he was not going to continue in the Bayern. “Same as him Bayern, the Madrid It is one of the biggest clubs in the world, its history is something special ”, said the defender, who will be presented when he finishes his participation in the Eurocup, where Austria will be measured in the group stage a Netherlands, Ukraine and Macedonia.

“It’s about winning every game, all possible titles,” he said. “At Bayern I have learned that winning mentality, that hunger for titles. That is also needed in Madrid and I want to contribute it, in addition to my experience and my virtues on the pitch, ”continued Alaba.

“I want to write hits in the history of the Madrid, there have been great players. After 13 years in the Bayern, the illusion is enormous to start this new challenge in the Real Madrid when the Eurocup”Said the 28-year-old player.