Portugal F1 GP: Hamilton recital in Portugal and Alonso comeback

He won the first race with a controversial final, he saw how Verstappen I answered him in Imola, and this Sunday, in the F1 Portuguese GP, it was his turn to move the card. On the board Portimao, Lewis seemed to run out of rooks and bishops at the start of the Portuguese game, finding himself outmatched by Verstappen in the highlight of a ‘Safety car’ initial. But like the great champions, from third place, with a mettle worthy of the best cats, he quickly rebuilt himself by sweeping his opponents as the true king of this game. It has been for years, with a domain only questioned by Rosberg, who snatched the title from him in 2016. Since then, with a far superior car, his teammate Bottas never lived up to it. Hamilton made it clear again this Sunday. Things don’t change for Valtteri, that no matter how much he isolates himself in his native Finland and mentally reviews his mistakes in a sauna in the middle of nature, no matter how much he wants, he will never have Lewis’s class. Valtteri He cannot sit at the same table as the champion, who this year can end those who said he only won titles because he drove an unrivaled Mercedes. This course does have a strong aspirant, with the same hunger, full of talent and the self-confidence of a 23-year-old boy who wants to take over the world. But to put the planet in his mouth, Hamilton is making sure that Verstappen begin to digest that it will still take more than your enormous ambition to win the game. This Sunday, Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Portuguese GP, his 97th victory in Formula 1, which served to show the Dutchman that it will be very difficult for him to win the long-awaited title.

Final classification of the Portuguese GP of F1 2021

The resurgence of Lewis

On lap 6, everything seemed to be Verstappen. It was second, going for Bottas with a higher pace after overtaking the British with a spectacular overtaking on the outside. But the 7-time champion, with horchata blood, far from getting nervous, drew from experience. It charged batteries during a spin and simmered a massive pass to Max.

The champion put the candidate in his place and went for his partner. It didn’t take her long to catch up with him, pressing her breath right behind him. And when he saw the opportunity, he showed his superiority to Bottas with an overtaking on the outside of Turn 1 in which he removed the stickers from the Nordic. It chilled it. Speechless. Lewis
he assumed the leadership and left the chips perfectly placed to seek to sing the checkmate against Max.

Bottas, plug to Verstappen

Having returned to earth to
Valtteri, back in his natural squire position, the Nordic had to at least earn the applause of his people by fulfilling his main function, that of stopper and hindrance of Verstappen. That really did it perfectly. Max couldn’t handle that nightmare with a plunger. The Dutchman was powerless before the rhythm of Valtteri, without being able to pass him, seeing how his options burned while Hamilton pressed to take advantage with a great rhythm. Lewis he was taking his hammer out for a walk and Verstappen couldn’t help but take action with the strategy. He stopped when he could to put on the hard rubber and completed a good ‘undercut’ on Bottas having to pass it on the track.

Valtteri, when leaving the pits, with cold rubber, skidded and handed the second place to a Max who seemed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He had gotten rid of the wall, had already entered the fort on the second square and was going for the king’s chair. There began an authentic battle of chronos, two Swiss watches face to face that played the victory with their rhythms. But with two cars so even and an intractable Hamilton, Verstappen there was nothing he could do to get closer.

Portugal, the country in which Senna achieved his first triumph, saw an exhibition of another of the greats, a Hamilton that he gave the best gift in the form of triumph to the Brazilian the day after the 27th anniversary of his death.

Every point counts

The world This year is so close, that every point counts. Mercedes wins, but it’s not the same anymore. Now Lewis is just 7 points ahead of Max and the team is just 16 points ahead of Red Bull in Constructors. He knows Verstappen, that with the second place assured and the gift that Mercedes gave him at the end by putting Bottas back in the pits looking for the fastest lap, he took advantage of it to go for that extra point. The Dutchman put on the softs at the end and set the fastest lap on the last lap of the race. In the parc fermé, he got out of the car to shake hands with his rival, whom he wants to continue challenging until the end of the year.

This has only started. 7 points between two applicants. Now, the ball is in Max’s court for the 2021 F1 Spanish GP next week, the place where the Dutchman achieved his first triumph and became the youngest driver in history to win in F1. There, everyone saw him as a future champion. This year he returns as a clear contender.

Alonso, comeback; Sainz suffers

Yes in classification Carlos Sainz was the face and Alonso was the crossIn the race this Sunday, both drivers exchanged roles. The Spaniard, who started 13th, made a huge comeback. He already warned on Saturday: “The points are given on Sunday and avoiding the red tires at the start is a good tactic.” He pulled it off perfectly with a very long stint (42 laps) on the medium tire. This allowed him to advance two positions after a difficult start in which he dropped to 14th place. The Spaniard came out of the pits in 11th position, and with fresher rubber, he was going for the points. He achieved them with a good final rhythm. Outperformed Sainz, Gasly and Ricciardo unceremoniously and took a good eighth position. It ended just 1 second from Or with, which started 6th. The Asturian, who two weeks ago said that he still had a lot to improve, today he did maximize the performance of his car. Lap after lap, the best Fernando is going to return.

For its part, Carlos Sainz he had a hard day at the wheel of the Ferrari. Starting fifth on the soft rubber, he knew he was going to suffer in the strategy. And so it happened. He started off with a good start, passing Pérez in the first few meters to take fourth. But a ‘safety car’ on lap 2 cut off his progression. In the highlight, Carlos He did not hit the first three and Pérez, with a superior car, did not take long to pass him. At that moment he also lost his place with Norris to be 6th. From there, he had to manage tires to extend his stop to the maximum, but he ended up being the first to go through the pits, something that would condemn him at the end of the event, suffering a lot with his worn tires. There he began to lose steam, running out of points in the final moments. 11th suffered for Carlos, who left without a prize of Portimao.