Portu will have a soccer field with his name

The city council of the Murcian town of Beniel has started the procedures to change the name of the municipal soccer field, which will be renamed Cristian Portuguese-Portu in honor of the end of the Royal Society. The decision is pending a vote in the next plenary session of the Benià council, which hopes to formalize the act in summer, when the player is available.

For yourGrateful for the initiative, he has expressed his pride on social networks: “Sometimes things happen in life that you will truly understand in their greatness as time passes. You are on a cloud but you know that later on it will seem something even bigger. Historic ”, it begins.

“I felt the same when the Beniel City Council was thinking of changing the name of the football field. From the outset, you feel a lot of pride. And when I see my name on the door of that place where I began to dream of being a footballer, I know that I will be excited, “he says.