Portu: ‘We leave with a bad taste in our mouths’

Surely many would have signed the point before the game and a few more would have done it at halftime. However, the final draw leaves a bitter aftertaste as recognized For your after the match: “We leave with a bad taste in our mouths because the team has fought for 93 minutes, they have given everything. We tried to win because it was a result that was very positive for us and the team deserved it. However, in the end, in one play, they tied, ”he lamented. “Scoring here would not be bad, but as the game has taken place, we leave with a bad taste,” he insisted.

La Real played two very different parts. A first in which he limited himself to defending, without managing to mount a counterattack, and a second in which it was a more damaging team: “In the first half the team was well behind. They have tried, we have had cons but in the last pass we have not been fine “, he commented. “However, it was clear that we had spaces and that we could have done much more damage,” he added. “In the second half we have started very well, we have found the wings and the goal has arrived. Then we had one that Isak It has not arrived by very little and it would have been 0-2, but my pass has not been very good, “he lamented.

The tie strengthens the team in fifth place, but prevents them from cutting more points with the fourth position to which they still aspire as recognized For your: “Our goal is to be in Europe next year. Of course we are looking to be able to be in the Champions League, although our goal is to play the Europa League ”. However “this team gives everything and shows that it can be in the Champions League”.