Portu, birthday with challenges

The years do not take an ounce of ambition from Christian
For your. On Sunday against Valladolid he showed that, despite jumping onto the pitch 4-0, for him all minutes are equal. The attacker
years And he does it with the backpack full of challenges, because only in this way does he understand a career in which he has not stopped growing.

The forward of Beniel has a shot tomorrow in The
Sadar, where he aims to start, match his second goalscoring mark in First
Division, nine
goals with the Girona that catapulted him to the Real in 2019. The previous campaign had gone until the eleven that he will only equalize tomorrow if he scores a hat-trick in Iruñea.

For your He has marked eight
goals with the Real in the present year, surpassing the seven from last season although in assists (3) he has stayed far from the seven he gave in the previous year. When you blow out the 29 candles today, you will surely be asking to close the season by marking.