Porto is Olympus for City and Chelsea

There is no night more beautiful than that of a Champions League final, the finishing touch to a season subordinated to the effects of this pandemic. In Porto, the dreams of a first-time City and Chelsea’s unwavering commitment to Abramovich, who wants his second continental crown. Two teams that represent England better than anyone, who rightly boast of being a step above the rest. Guilt also have their coaches, geniuses like Tuchel Y Guardiola.

German and Catalan know each other wonderfully, in search of dislodging the other’s plan. A game of strategists in which City is assumed to have more ball, with the threat posed by the counterattacks of a Chelsea that has Mendy Y Kanté. Two footballers who are irreplaceable for a Tuchel stimulated by its last two precedents with Guardiola, which ended in triumph. Nothing to take away sleep Pep, expert in endings. Also of the Champions.

His hobby, however, begs him not to experiment as much as others at other times. Let him think much more about his team than the one in front of him. Tragic nights like last year in Lisbon remain in the memory and Porto has to be the city that tops the fabulous work of Santpedor in Manchester City. With a team that has matured and that feels capable of anything, he wants to climb the throne of a Champions League that seems the definitive step for a historic team.

Preview Manchester City – Chelsea

Unlike eleven of Tuchel, a priori without surprises, Guardiola’s presents certain doubts. Gündogan he retired from training yesterday with a blow, but is expected to start. It remains to be seen if it will give continuity to I cancel or if you prioritize Zinchenko on the left side. Between Fernandinho and the Madrilenian Rodri is another of the unknowns and especially if you are going to use a reference footballer in attack or if you are going to opt for that asymmetric scheme in which Foden, De Bruyne Y Bernardo silva they flow freely to mislead the rival.

Aguero’s farewell

Do Dragao is going to host an atypical final, with around 6,000 fans from each club, in addition to 1,700 locals and other UEFA commitments. It will also be Agüero’s farewell before signing with Barça. Also that of Eric Garcia. They cannot have a better goodbye than a great Champions League final, refereed by Mateu Lahoz. Guardiola does not want excuses. He is going for his third European wound and the first for a City that he never imagined on a stage like this. The sheikh made many fantasies come true. Now the team has to respond on the pitch against a Chelsea who is a tough nut to crack. Porto is Olympus.