Porto and Atlético ‘collide’ over a young Brazilian star

Atlético de Madrid
He is always attentive to those young footballers who may have a bright future. And this seems to be one of those cases, at least if we pay attention to what was published in the neighboring country, in Portugal.

The newspaper ‘To ball’Ensures that the mattress club as well as the Porto have ‘collided’ in their interest in a young Brazilian pearl who is a member of the FC Midtjylland Danish.

We talk about Evander da Silva, midfielder of the aforementioned Danish team, who has scored a season and has attracted the attention of many teams. At 22 years old, he has had a spectacular campaign, with 33 games in which he has scored nine goals and has given 11 assists.


We are talking about a midfielder who works as a pivot but who can also act as a right insider. With a huge display, a tremendous punch that has made him score true goals in this course. He also executes almost all of his team’s set pieces. He has arrival, Brazilian technique and a defense-attack transition with great power.

He Porto It is the team most interested in it and we already know that the Portuguese painting usually has an exquisite taste for this type of discovery. In Denmark they talk about a transfer of around 10 million euros, an amount that right now, ‘You
Dragoes“They do not seem to be able to assume after the crisis caused by the coronavirus. A circumstance that makes it speculate with the option of including players, although it will have to be seen if it is something that the Scandinavian club is interested in.

Recently, the player’s environment was contacted by the Valencia and the mentioned newspaper indicates that the Athletic follow with interest the footballer, who went international with Brazil in lower categories. He came out of the quarry of Basque of Gama. At this time he won the Danish Cup (18/19) and the Danish Championship (19/20).