Porsche Taycan achieves a Guinness record

The pilot Leh keen has achieved a Guinness Record by accelerating the Porsche Taycan to 165.1 km / h inside an exhibition center in New Orleans (Louisiana, USA). In doing so, he has set the world record for the highest speed reached by a vehicle in a closed building.

Among the Guinness world records there is a record of the highest speed of a vehicle indoors: until recently, it was 138.4 km / h. The rules, strictly enforced by Guinness World Records, intimidate anyone. Keen he had to start and stop his record attempt, all within the building space. It could not be uphill, nor could it have a safety net, nor open doors and, therefore, no escape route. For this reason, the previous record has been unbeaten for seven years.

Leh Keen in the Porsche Taycan after breaking the previous record of 138.4 km / h.

Nevertheless, Keen she enthusiastically continued her planning. I needed a car I could trust to break the record: safe in difficult conditions, with the best accelerations and, above all, with the best braking. The model that meets those criteria is the Taycan Turbo S, a model with four-wheel drive to maximize grip, powerful carbon ceramic brakes and the ability to accelerate up to 100 km / h from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds.

Selecting the right building was also difficult. The chosen one was the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. At more than 30 acres, it has the largest exhibition space in the United States, ideal for the distance it provided. However, like many other indoor installations, the polished concrete surface was like ice when it was passed over with speed.

“I didn’t really appreciate the magnitude of the record attempt until my first rehearsal. The surface is so unpredictable, so slippery, that you have to fully trust your car. It was really like ice and you are going full throttle as you approach a really hard wall. Suddenly, even a huge space like the one we had seems very small, “he said. Keen after his record attempt. “I could feel the Taycan’s systems taking notice, working to keep me on the straight line. Accelerating with such thrust on such a variable surface was incredible. Not for a moment did I doubt that I could do it. “

The strategy of Leh keen It consisted of progressively accelerating, with low speed test runs. The standard road tires were preheated as a precaution. When it came time to break the record, one attempt was enough. “I took a moment at the starting line, knowing that I was going to have to go as fast as possible and stop again, all before reaching the wall that awaited me at the end and had my full attention. I used launch control and the Taycan just catapulted. The sense of speed inside, even in such a large space, is enormous. That wall was approaching very quickly. In the end, the Taycan’s brakes fell short, ”he explained. Keen.