Police officers kneel to condemn George Floyd’s death

Not only are citizens showing their rejection of death with racist overtones of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a white agent in Minneapolis. The police force itself is also exhibiting its rejection of the horrible incident that ended Floyd’s life.

For this reason, there have been multiple signs of condemnation and rejection. While violence gripped the protests in various cities in the United States, other protests against racism unfolded peacefully and even had the support of police officers, who knelt in front of the protesters as a gesture of solidarity.

Various officers in Queens they knelt on the street at the intersection of Jamaica Avenue and 165th Street around noon as protesters cheered and thanked them for the gesture.

The Governor of the New York State, Andrew Cuomo, He shared the video of several Queens agents kneeling on social media and commented, “This is how the change begins.”

The policemen, heads down, gathered to read the names of black men and women who died at the hands of the police. Then protesters and officers were seen shaking hands and hugging.

Later this Sunday night, thousands of protesters gathered at Foley Square in Lower Manhattan, singing to officers “NYPD, kneel down.” After some comments from the crowd, at least four policemen knelt down and loud cheers were heard. Aleeia Abraham, president of the BlaQue Resources Network community group, which helped organize the Queens protest, told The New York Post that the moment of unity there was “very surprising.” “None of us had seen anything like this. At that time, they understood why we were so angry. “

As the protests grew in size, the President Donald trump He retweeted conservative commentator Buck Sexton, who called for “overwhelming force” against the violent protesters.