Pol, on Marc: ‘Now we have a very good relationship’

Motorcycling fans can enjoy exclusive new content on DAZN, the global service of streaming of sport. The platform offers its users an exclusive interview with Pol Espargaro in which he shares with Ernest riveras an in-depth analysis of your career path and analyzes your relationship with your partner Marc Márquez.

During the talk, Ernest Riveras asks about his recent team change and Espargaró states: “At the point where I decided to switch to Honda and go looking for this new project it was because I really believed it was better, then you can no longer regret it because, at that moment, you choose what you think is best for you”. Also, add: “I wanted to be there, I think it was my future, my future should be going through being at Repsol Honda”.

Pol Espargaró, with his Honda

The Catalan rider also talks about his experience with Marc Márquez: “Our relationship has gone from more to less and from less to more again depending on the competitiveness that we have had between the two of us “. However, consider that today their link: “It has improved a lot, now we have a very good relationship and we don’t have to be friends, go to dinner together … But inside the box, having a cordial relationship, that will help the harmony within the box to be homogeneous and good “.

Espargaró recognizes during the interview what he most admires about his brother and what he would like to be like him in: “I would like to have his way of working.”

Riveras asks the pilot during the interview if he ever wanted to surrender, to which Espargaró confesses that he did: “There was a season, my first season in Moto2, that was the hardest season of my sports career. At that moment, many times I thought about whether it was worth it, because of the effort, the sacrifice, the injuries, etc ”. In MotoGP he also had hard times, but KTM was the motivation that pushed him to continue: “Everyone leaned on me, I received incredible support, incredible esteem and that is what made me continue to fight for those engineers and mechanics who wanted them. results equal to or more than me but, without a doubt, they were hard years ”.

Finally, the Catalan recognizes, to the surprise of some fans, that one of her great hobbies is making cross stitch: “We had activities within the school, of different subjects, and one of them was cross stitch and I really liked it a lot and now it still works because when a trousers or a shirt breaks I can sew a button on a shirt”. But he also shares with DAZN that He likes music and the piano: “I play a lot, as much as my daughter and my training at home leave me. I like very much”.