Pol Espargaró: ‘We didn’t want to be a kamikaze the first day’

Pol Espargaró made his debut on the track this Saturday with the Repsol Honda team in the first of the two days of the first of the two Losail practice tests, finishing seventeenth at 1 ”191 of the best time, that of his brother Aleix Espargaró with the Aprilia. “I’ve had a lot of work to learn all the buttons, how the bike worked, rolling that fast, so let’s hope that tomorrow will be a calmer day and I can focus a little more on riding and getting that time that has not gone out today” .


“They are prototypes to which you have to adapt as quickly as possible, counting on the fact that the others are young riders with a lot of talent, so all motorcycles are complicated. I think that nowadays that one motorcycle is more complicated than another depends on the The riding style of the rider who takes it, since for me a motorcycle that needs much more cornering than a Honda is probably more complicated, I mean, that nowadays the riding styles are very marked and the styles or the Motorcycle DNA too, if you fit in with the bike that you have, it’s less complicated for you or you see it less complicated than other riders who don’t fit in. “


“We were the first to practically go out on the track and I have done more laps than anyone, we have run out of tires because we have limited tires, but I wanted to leave soon in case we had to make any changes or we had a failure to be able to complete all the possible laps with the tires and we have done so “


“I think I have gone to my limit today, but of course, without knowing much about the bike it is difficult to get the most out of it, for example, Stefan -Bradl- or Alex -Márquez- or Taka -Nakagami-, so tomorrow it will be a better day for me, I’m still in the process of getting to know, above all, the front end of the bike, which is what worries me right now “

“I want to learn more and I think that finishing a second behind the first and less than a second from the best Honda is not bad at all on the first day and even so I demand the maximum of myself and I hope to finish the test at the level of the rest of the Honda, that’s why I said I want to work hard “


“No, nothing happens, while I’m behind in the grand prize, win all the tests you want” (laughs)


“Seeing Marc who wins and other riders who have had a harder time the first year, it was impossible to think that he was going to be at the top or the bottom; I preferred to arrive here a little neutral, without any expectations created to see what It happened and the first day I think it was very positive but I still have a lot to improve “


“Especially with the front end and the new tire, which I practically did the same fast time with 18 laps on the tires and I know that I lack that confidence that I do not have, those laps of confidence that I lack compared to others, and I think that Sunday, after this test, will be a better day in feelings regarding this one “


“When I said about the front end I did not mean that it is complicated or delicate, but I have to learn it, it is a new front end of a motorcycle and the most complicated thing for all motorcycles, not only for the Honda, in general, It is when you have to brake and with what power you have to use the brakes and what the motorcycle can withstand in terms of pressure to know how fast the motorcycle is capable of going around a curve, changing direction … . “

“I say that the front end is more complicated because it is where you have more problems when pressing and more risks to fall, it is easier when you open the throttle, it is simpler, and the front end only notice the limits when the steering is closed and that requires a little more time unless you are a kamikaze and go to seek the limit on the first day, which is not what we wanted “


“As for the engine, it works very differently, I cannot say a comparison with the KTM because the engines are very different, they deliver the power in a very different way, both in low and high revs, so it is very difficult to compare the power because the give differently “