Pol Espargaró: ‘I don’t like the falls, but I knew they would come’

Pol Espargaro He has completed the top-10 this Friday in Losail, which gives him a place to play directly in Q2 this Saturday. And it was on this first day of the Grand Prix when he kissed the ground twice, once per session, this time seeking that limit with the Honda. “The feeling is good, with the falls you can think that it is not going well, I do not like them, but I knew that they would arrive in the GP which is when you have to push harder. In training we had more margin and today we had to go more to the limit “


“The second has been for the front end. The first was very similar to the test with a tire that did not work well for us. The crash I suffered in the morning was more anecdotal than anything else, but the one in the afternoon was to seek the limit since I was one tenth below my fastest lap and I tried to make the corner faster, enter with more speed, have more turn and the front end has been closed. As it had not happened to me before, I did not expect it and I fell. Those are the typical falls that I have to understand, in which I have to know where the limit is and little by little I understand it. That I do think is the falls that will make me grow, understand the bike when I go to the limit, which is what I need “


“I like everything, I feel comfortable and at the moment there is nothing that he tells me that cannot be improved or that changes the fact that the ball is in my court. At the moment, in few places I have found the limit. Then, the issue of improving is complicated because, for example, today I have focused a lot on T3, on turns ten and eleven, which is a point where I lost a lot in the test and I was generally good at pending in T1, where in the test I was doing it very fast, because I was going long and now I still don’t control the situation well. That is the problem, that I go long at points where I should not, and I lack that control when you go to the limit. Too uncontrolled and that in the end is a small part of the time here, another decimation there and that is what in the end makes you be up when you are half a second from the first. Therefore, what is lacking within that fast lap, of that lack of control, is a little bit of calm and doing things perfectly “


“Improving, improving a little more because Honda is also trying to improve the starts with different electronic ‘settings’ and different components on the bike to improve the starts and I am adapting. It’s something that seems easy, but nowadays with the power that these bikes have, it’s very complex and I’m trying to adapt as fast as I can. At the moment the starts that I have been practicing are fast so I am happy with it “


“Rookies have to go fast on a bike that is new to them, but it’s all new and they can ride so fast because they have no vices. I have to change my riding style after four years riding the same bike and it becomes a bit difficult for me, especially when I have to push for time. Still I think we were fast today. We are half a second in the top ten and in Q2 right now and nothing changes for tomorrow morning. That makes me feel happy and comfortable because I think I made a couple of mistakes and I could do a better time and that we have a little margin for tomorrow. “