Pogba: ‘I saw the players who wanted to kick me out’

Paul Pogba, Manchester United midfielder, said that the important thing this Thursday was to win and played down Granada’s complaints about the possible second yellow that they could have shown.

The French midfielder had to be substituted at half-time after receiving a yellow card and playing second in an action that Roberto Soldado pointed out at a press conference that he saw as the second for Pogba and that should have ended in the red.

“I made a couple of innings, I got a yellow card and obviously they had to change me,” reflected Pogba on BT Sport.

“The yellow card was bad luck. It wasn’t for me, but you have to accept it. We won the game that was the most important thing ”.

“I know what happened in the foul right after, I saw the players who wanted to kick me out. The coach thought it was better to replace me before they took a red one, “said Pogba.