Pochettino: ‘The return will be different’

PSG coach Mauricio Pochettino, after the defeat against Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals, regretted that “we conceded two goals in detail. And just before his second goal we should have scored the second. Maybe with 2-0 it would have been a different game ”.

The Argentine coach assured that before the break, “we played very well”, to acknowledge that “in the second half, possession of the ball was for them. Tiredness? If possible. Perhaps that we do not show the necessary energy. We started losing the ball very quickly, but I will not say anything against my players. His effort was incredible ”. In this sense, he reiterated: “We did not grant many opportunities, the game was balanced and it was only the details that made the difference tonight.”

Finally, Pochettino wanted to send a hopeful message. “We believe that we can do something special in Manchester. The return will be different. We were already good in Munich and Barcelona. Trust will be very important. You have to be optimistic, positive and believe that we can win the game and reach the final “.