Pochettino: ‘It’s not a personal battle against Pep’

Pochettino has ensured that the match that tomorrow Wednesday will face the PSG with the Manchester
City in the Parc des Princes, corresponding to the first leg of the semi-final of the Champins League, it is not taken as a “personal battle with Pep Guardiola but as a match between two teams”.

Pochettino is a great admirer of the Catalan coach and has made it clear on more than one occasion. “He is one of the best coaches in the world, if not the best. I respect everything you have done throughout your career. It’s going to be a very difficult game because Manchester City are having a great season ”.

‘Poche’ does not believe that the fact that Tottenham (with him on the bench) eliminated City two years ago does not represent an advantage: “They are two different games, with two different teams and two different contexts”. He praised the players of the English team: “They are incredible, difficult to control during the 90 minutes”. He spoke, specifically, of Foden: “He is in great shape and has immense talent, like Mahrez, de Bruyne, Sterling …”.

A natural relationship with Neymar

On his relationship with Neymar, he said: “It is a natural relationship, he is a disciplined professional. But I respect everyone in this club in the same way ”. Regarding the fact of having brought down Barça and Bayern in this Champions League, he stated that “we have confidence in ourselves, but no more than before. We are quite serene, relaxed ”.

Asked if the fact of playing the first leg at home changes, he indicated that “nothing changes, it will continue to be difficult” and about the good news that he has everyone except Juan Bernat (injured), he pointed out that “they can only play eleven and we will have to choose ”. “The Champions League is one of the best competitions in the world and we have to work hard to reach the final.”