Pjanic: ‘This club has to have higher ambitions’

Miralem Pjanic assured this Friday that the Juventus must “have higher ambitions”, after the Turin club fell to Lyon in the knockout stages of the Champions League, which means that it will no longer wear a bianconero and will set course for FC Barcelona.

“It is a great displeasure, we wanted to go to the round. We wanted to come back, we lacked a goal. In the end we could not, it is a great displeasure, we are very sorry. It is difficult to accept,” he said Pjanic at the end of the game on “Sky Sport” television.

This club can and should have the ambition to do much more. The past years we proved to be much better, I hope this group does well in the future. I have no doubt that he will because I know what mentality he has, “he added.

The Bosnian also recognized that the change in football philosophy that the coach tried to bring Maurizio SarriAfter five successful years of management by Massimiliano Allegri, it has been very difficult to assimilate. “The last few months have not been as I thought, I don’t know why. This year we had difficulty, it was seen. This year we play a different football. But it takes time to learn it. It seemed simple to win, because of what we did in recent years, but now there are more rivals, “he admitted.” In Europe we must do much more for sure. You have to try to win the Champions League, “he concluded.