Piqué moves with a confession about his children: ‘They live with excessive pressure’

Football player Gerard Piqué He went to the program “Nexes” on TV3 last night to participate in a program dedicated to the verb “win.” That is why the Barça defender spoke on several issues, among which he highlighted the pressure under which the two children he has with him live Shakira, Sasha and Milan.

“Your children, of course … they have a father number 1 and a mother number 1. It must be very difficult for them, sometimes …”, he transmitted Monica Terribas, presenter with Jordi Basté, to the Catalan athlete.

Pique He admitted that “you have to know how to balance as parents.” “I remember that my father never let me win and instead, with Shaki Sometimes we let them win because we understand that they have a completely different context than what I or she had, that they were unknown parents, we did not have this pressure. Our children live with excessive pressure ”, he insisted.

Gerard Piqué, with Shakira and his children Milan and Sasha.

“It is what it is, they were born with it and I think it is important that they sometimes have personal victories even at home. Playing soccer with Milan or Sasha You let them win, because if it will cost them so much or they will have this pressure to win away from home, let them feel that they have these personal victories inside ”.

On the other hand, Pique He explained that his father never let him win at anything when he was little but that this never made him obsess over victory. “The day I managed to beat him for the first time, I thought: ‘I’ll never let you win again.’ It was a victory that was actually silly but for me it was important, “he said.