Pilar Rubio collapses: ‘I didn’t get up really wanting to talk today’

“I have not gotten up wanting to talk Today, I feel like I’ve been emptied. I think yesterday I released so many fears, tension and stress that today I am like a doll rag ”. With these words he has surprised Pilar Rubio to his followers this Thursday morning.

But do not spread panic. Nothing serious. It is only about the consequences of the last challenge to which he has been subjected in ‘The Hormiguero’: crossing an invisible bridge at a height of no more and no less than eight floors!

One of the more extreme challenges to date but that, as always, the collaborator has successfully passed: “I am very happy to have achieved the challenge. And, above all, for feeling so close to my teammates and the entire public. Without you I would not have been able to take a step ”, a still excited Pilar wanted to highlight in her account Instagram along with a video of the moment.

And it is that, in fact, in the images you can see the woman of Sergio Ramos her eyes flooded with tears in the minutes before starting: “how impressive is this”, the Madrilenian is heard saying.

“I show you my most extreme side: freediving, boxing, drifting …”

Stays in excellent physical shape

At 43, Pilar Rubio is living one of the most beautiful moments of her life