Piatti: ‘Atlético have a lot of resources, but we don’t have to be self-conscious’

The Argentine forward of Elche Pablo Piatti He highlighted this Thursday the numerous arguments and resources of the Atlético de Madrid Club but specified that his team also has its weapons, so it does not have to be complex against the rival.

“It will be a very demanding and tough game, but we are in the best league in the world and you can beat anyone. They have a very complete squad but we have our strengths to achieve those three points, ”said the attacker.

Piatti affirmed that the return of Elche to the relegation zone after Valladolid’s draw yesterday in Bilbao, the approach to the game does not change “because the idea is always to go out and win.”

The Argentinian did not see Atlético “hit or down“And assured that Elche must be” with the five senses one hundred percent “if it wants to score.

“They have a very clear idea of ​​the game and so do we. I know the coach well and they don’t give up anything for lost ”, he added. Piatti, who recognized that Diego Pablo Simeone he is a “special” person in your life.

He made me debut in Students when I was a baby. I will always be grateful to you. Professionally, he takes you to the limit and you could already see different things at that time because he lives the competition to the fullest 24 hours a day ”, he recalled Piatti.

“When you enter a place and speak everyone is silent because he knows he is going to say something important, “added the forward about the Argentine coach of Atlético.

The forward wanted to be able to play with the public for the remainder of the season and reiterated that the team that is “mentally stronger” in the final days will be the one that manages to avoid relegation.

“We are going to have to live with that feeling of seeing you down“Said Piatti, who admitted that a priori, and before the visit of Atlético de Madrid, adding would be a good result, although he specified that” I do not sign the tie. “

As to Elche’s salvation options, the forward assured that “they are real” – “The team competes, has a goal and is brave. We have many options and I am convinced that we are going to save ourselves ”, he declared.