Petra Kvitova relives the worst day of her life: ‘She cut off all the fingers of my hand’

The finalist of Australian Open
Petra kvitova testified last Tuesday at the Czech Republic in the trial against the man accused of attacking her with a knife at her home in December 2016. The injuries caused by the assailant to her left hand caused the tennis player to be away from the courts for more than five months.

The Czech rejected the option of entering the courtroom so as not to meet her alleged assailant and testified by videoconference from a room adjacent to the place where the trial was being held. Kvitova he had to relive all the details of the attack. Recognized Radim Zondra like the man who posed as a boiler maintainer and attacked her: “I knew it was him the moment I saw him. I remembered his eyes

The tennis player hit rock bottom in December 2016 when she was assaulted and stabbed at her home. During the trial, Kvitova She had to remember the terrifying moment when her attacker attacked her with a knife, causing serious cuts to her hand and arm: “He asked me to turn on the hot water and I found the knife on my neck. I grasped the blade of the knife with my left hand … and when I fell to the ground and I saw that there was blood everywhere” In addition, he went on to say that “he cut off all the fingers from my hand left and also the nerves of the thumb and index finger. Nowadays the mobility of my fingers is not 100% and I have no sensitivity in the tips of the thumb and index finger ”, he even says that once the attack was carried out“ he asked me how much money I had. I said 10,000 crowns (almost 400 euros) and he said ‘OK’. I gave him what I had, he left and I called 911 and then the police. ”

The defendant faces a possible 12-year prison sentence for his assault and battery on Petra kvitova, who was away from tennis for almost six agonizing months because of this ordeal.