Peterhansel yields the car victory to Al Rajhi in the marathon stage of the Dakar

The first part of the marathon stage of the Dakar Rally in cars between Ha’il and Sakaka had an unexpected outcome with the first home win for the explosive Saudi driver Yaheed Al Rajhi (Overdrive Toyota) for 48 seconds over Monsieur Dajar Stéphane Peterhansel that starting the seventh stage in a comfortable fourth position behind Sainz, Al Rajhi and Al Attiyah, he went first through all the WPs until the penultimate in which the script change in favor of the Saudi took place 100 kilometers from the finish line and thus signing his second special on the Dakar after the one won in Iquique in 2015.

Upon reaching the goal it was discovered what had happened to Monsieur Dakar at that point and motivated the surprise, he reached the finish line with the broken suspension triangle of his Mini and an arrangement made by themselves to finish the stage. Now the commitment remains because it is the worst news in a marathon stage.

Another of the protagonists of the stage has been Carlos Sainz that despite opening the track, suffering a puncture and getting lost a couple of times, he has not allowed himself to pass by anyone at the end of each stage, not even by the Saudi who he preceded and knows perfectly the territory through which he has passed the seventh stage. The final sprint of the ‘Matador’ was memorable and he entered third at 1’15 ”beating Nasser Al Attiyah (at 2’48”).

Although Peterhansel (X-Raid Mini JCW) is still resisting the stage victory in 2021, he leads comfortably, putting another two minutes to his main rival, Qatari Al Attiyah, now 7’53 ”, while the difference with Carlos Sainz is of 41’06 ”.