Peterhansel, one step away from glory and Al-Attiyah adds another triumph

Nothing to do. ‘Monsieur Dakar’ its alot Monsieur and a lot Dakar. At 55 years old, his seniority, experience and his way of reading the desert are key elements with which to make a difference on such a tough Dakar, with so much variety of terrain and navigational difficulty. The greatest complexity for the Frenchman came on the day of the marathon stage, on the seventh day, when he broke a suspension arm. That day, luck gave him the chance to head towards his 14th overall victory in the Dakar (8th in the car apart from his 6 motorcycle victories), and with a wide advantage in the general classification, he was not going to miss a new crown. His good management of the race, prioritizing navigation at pure speed, made him take advantage of any mistakes made by his rivals. And so, crumb to crumb, he ate the toast of all his competitors. First, a Carlos with too many navigation problems at the beginning. Later, at a Al-Attiyah that, damaged by the wheels of his 4×4 by the constant punctures that he continued to suffer, no matter how hard he tried, he could not take the lead from a Stéphane quiet. The Frenchman has already seen this same movie too many times not to know what to do, and this Thursday he managed the race again perfectly, yielding only 1’56 ”with respect to his Qatari rival to face the last day of the race this Friday with a sufficient mattress that should not make you suffer, a total of 15’05 on Nasser.

The day started in the best of ways for Peterhansel, downhill by placing first in the first 85 kilometers. Sainz assumed the witness of the French leading the stage in the subsequent ‘checkpoints, until reaching kilometer 215, where the Madrilenian lost 4’54 ”of rennet by adding two consecutive punctures, at which time Peterhansel recovered the first place.

Monsieur Dakar‘He continued to his own, and at that same point he found other good news: Nasser gave up more than two minutes. Peterhansel continued to increase his lead to 3’09 ”to Al-Attiyah past the halfway point of the stage. He had everything under control and he could even afford some mistake that made Al-Attiyah at least he could find the well-deserved reward for his insistence with a new stage victory, the fifth in this edition (6th if we count the prologue).

Nasser, fast as anyone, has been the man who has accumulated the most stage wins by far. Peterhansel only adds one but he will win the Dakar. And, as Stéphane knows, it is useless to win stages if mistakes are made later. Constancy and navigation, his keys to success, were also this Thursday. In one day, Peterhansel will be a 14-time Dakar champion.

Nani Roma maintains the 5th position of the general

Nani Rome He finished a difficult day at the wheel of his BRX at 2’28 ”behind the best, but the most important thing for the Folgueroles it is that he was able to maintain fifth place overall compared to an Al-Qassimi who finished in ninth position. Nani he lost 19 minutes with respect to Al-Qassimi at kilometer 404, but he finally managed to give up about 13 minutes compared to the Emirati, which he leads by 9’54 ”before the final stage.


1. Al-Attiyah / Baumel (QAT / FRA / Toy) 4h34’24 ”

2. Peterhansel / Boulanger (FRA / Mini) at 1’56 ”

3. Carlos Sainz / Cruz (ESP / Mini) at 2’26 ”

4. Al-Rajhi / V. Zitzewitz (SAU / ALE / Toy) at 4’02 ”

5. Despres / Horn (FRA / CHE / Peugeot) at 8’31 ”

6. Han / Liao (CHI / Toyota) at 10’56 ”

7. From Villiers / Haro (RSA / ESP / Toyota) at 13’30 ”

8. Vasilyev / Tsyro (RUS / UCR / Mini) at 13’58 ”

9. Al Qassimi / Panseri (UAE / Fra / Peu) at 14’30 ”

10. Prokop / Chytka (CHE / Ford) at 15’33 ”


1. Peterhansel / Boulanger (FRA / Mini) 32h09’26 ”

2. Al-Attiyah / Baumel (QAT / FRA / Toy) at 15’05 ”

3. Carlos Sainz / Cruz (ESP / Mini) at 1h04’14 ”

4. Przygonski / Göt. (PO / ALE / Toy) at 2h32’24 ”

5. Roma / Winocq (ESP / FRA / Brx)) at 3h15’54 ”

6. Al Qassimi / Panseri (UAE / FRA / PEU) at 3h25’48 ”

7. Vasilyev / Tsyro (RUS / UCR / Mini) at 3h26’58 ”

8. From Villiers / Haro (RSA / ESP / Toyota) at 3h55’02 ”

9. Prokop / Chytka (CHE / Ford) at 3h59’23 ”

10. Despres / Horn (FRA / CHE / Peugeot) at 4h49’05 ”