Pescar Perarnau will leave Espanyol

New earthquake in sight in Espanyol. In the next few hours it will become official lto march of Pescar Perarnau of the entity because he would have already been notified that he will leave the technical secretariat of the club, where he had been since last December he left his post as general sports director, according to “pericosonline”.

It will not be the only one that ‘flies’ because the changes in the sports area, important and decisive, they will also reach the quarry. Fran Navarro, one of the coordinators of parrot grassroots football, will also leave the Blue and Whites’ club.

So things will start a deep remodeling in the sports area, movement that will not change regardless of whether Espanyol is in First or Second Division next year.

Rufete, current Director of Professional Soccer, remains and will become as he already is, in the strong and trusted man of President Chen on the sports pitch. A very busy summer is coming and a very low-profile market, so it will be vital to know how to move judiciously to reinforce a staff that, right now, does not know in which category it will exercise next year.