Pepe Mel considers his renewal with Las Palmas for granted

The coach of the Las Palmas Sports Union, Pepe Mel, has taken for granted his renewal with the Canarian team and, although the club has yet to make it official, he already plans to return to training next July 5.

Mel He made these statements in the press room in Las Gaunas, where his team closed the season with a 0-1 victory over him. Logroñés.

“The renewal is something that the president has to talk about,” the coach insisted, although he assumed that “the normal thing is that there is no problem because we agree on everything” although “the times are set by the club,” he has insisted.

Along the same lines, he said that “the president (of the club) will speak in the next few days about everything and will say what he has to say, but now I am going home with the certainty that on July 5 I will start a new season. “in the canary club.

Regarding the game, he has admitted that, by regulation “not all the players in the quarry that we would have wanted could have played” and has stressed his satisfaction “for the professionalism of those who have taken to the field” because “it was a very uncomfortable game” and “unpleasant” for what the rival was playing “but we had to compete, for the shield and for the league.”

He has wished “the best” to Logroñés “and I hope he will return to professional football soon” and he has asked his players and coaches “to know that in this we all have bad and good experiences and football will compensate them.”

For him, looking to the future “the most important message, for the entire world of this sport, is that I hope the fans will return to the fields soon, that we will not listen to each other and football will once again be what it is” and “in our project we will do what we can so that they are proud of us, with young Canarian people and with our soccer model “.