Pep: ‘Kane? Next question…’

Yesterday, Monday, the ‘bomb went off Kane’In England and speculation began about the immediate future of the English international, who would have communicated to the Tottenham that he wants to play important things and that in the summer he leaves.

The usual rumors about candidate teams for the forward were automatically activated and two Premier League teams appear in the pools with a view to signing English next season: Manchester City and Manchester United.

In this regard, Pep Guardiola, asked yesterday, made it clear that he is not up to the task of talking about the matter: “Please, he’s a Tottenham player. Next question…”. Solskjaer, for his part, said something else, although he didn’t make anything clear either: “I can’t talk about other players who belong to other teams. Messi is an interesting footballer, also Cristiano Ronaldo, but I can’t comment on that. There are many good soccer players ”.