Pep Guardiola’s warning to his players

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola warned his players against complacency and said that whoever believes the Premier is won “will not play.” The ‘citizen’ team has 20 consecutive victories in all competitions and in the English championship they have 12 points of advantage over their citizen rival, United, 2nd and whom they face this Sunday in the Manchester derby. Earlier this Tuesday, Peo’s team meets Wolves.

“We are winning and getting results, but we have to be demanding and on top of the players, telling them that we can do better. If I feel that someone thinks the job is done, or how good it is, they are not going to play, ”Guardiola said.

“I am so intuitive to know exactly which players are not prepared to continue with what we have to do. The champion is Liverpool, we are not. To do it we still have to win 8, 9 or 10 games and that’s a lot ”.